SESSION #003: Life hacks

Tremendousness is starting a monthly gathering called SESSION.IS and our first public event was on life hacks. Big thanks to everyone who came out. Your brilliant ideas were captured visually on the whiteboard and the incredible overflow of sticky notes is partially captured below. Granted, pictures really help convey the ideas better but we couldn’t draw everything. This was a fun, casual kick-off and we hope see new both old and new friends at future SESSIONS.

  • Refill travel size toothpaste container with your regular size one (push openings together tightly to transfer)
  • Have your kids put their coat on the floor, upside down, facing them, then they can put it on by throwing it over their heads with their hands in it
  • Use plastic utensils to label seedlings in starter containers or garden
  • Use an over the door shoe hanger to store and sort jewelry
  • Use felt squares for the edges of chairs or crutches
  • Roll up socks sideways and put them in drawers
  • Use a cup or spray paint lid to amplify your iPhone speaker
  • Use a piece of paper as a makeshift funnel for small opening
  • Use a laser thermometer to test heat of pizza rolls, or other hot items
  • Use a “garbage” bowl when prepping food so you don’t have to keep going back and forth between the trash can and your workspace
  • Use laptop to amuse oneself while cycling indoors
  • Put a soda can tab on a clothes hangar to double up hangers when horizontal space is limited or to put a top and bottom together
  • Keep seed from all the fruits and veggies you eat and organize them in prescription bottles so you can plant later
  • Use clementine boxes to organize cabinets
  • Cut up cereal boxes to use as postcards
  • Leaves clothes on the radiator overnight so they are toasty in the morning
  • Never throw out stale bread—chop it up in a blender and have breadcrumbs
  • Cut off a sweater sleeve and then make holes in the wrist side to make a tiny doggy sweater
  • Use compressed air to dust yourself off after woodworking
  • Eat popcorn with chopsticks
  • Put a Ziplock bag full of unused plastic fork/spoon/salt/straws for whatever the drive through forgets or for spontaneous picnics
  • Use the fuzzy side of Velcro to take out a splinter
  • Shake garlic in pots or pans to get the skin off
  • Bungee cords to keep your groceries on your bike
  • Use soda can tabs as picture hangers
  • Tie a knot in one headphone cord to easily identify which is the right earbud without having to read the little letters
  • Store earbuds in a film canister—they pull out untangled
  • Use thin rope to drop an extra rod from your existing closet rod and double your hanger space

Next event is March 26, 2015! Topic TBD.

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