Move your ideas forward with virtual (and visual!) collaboration

In order to get anything done, whether working from home during a pandemic or working from the office in normal times, business leaders must get their teams to do three key things: Align, Create, and Refine.

This is how ideas become real, how momentum is built, and how organizations succeed.

That’s not easy even in the best of times, and now we all know just how much harder this is when people can’t come together and work side-by-side.

But facilitated, real-time virtual collaboration gives structure and direction to important remote meetings. Guided exercises help teams discover and align. Live sketching brings your ideas to life, turning “What if…?” into “That’s it!” And live editing and visual annotations help refine those ideas to perfection.

The visual stories that result help make complex ideas understandable and engaging, turning your ideas into actions and outcomes. Anyone can set up a Zoom or Webex call, but true virtual (and visual!) collaboration is the only way to really work together toward real outcomes instead of just watching people talk.

You and your team can get work done, even in these strange and trying times.

Tremendousness makes the virtual, visual.