It’s a new year. Let’s get visual.

Our days are full of conversations. And phone calls. And emails. Words, words, and more words.

No one would argue that words aren’t at the core of how we communicate with each other.

But there’s incredible power in visual thinking.

Visuals help people communicate and collaborate more clearly.

What that really means is that visuals help people connect—to ideas, to complexity, to goals… or to each other.

You can see this in the cave paintings at Lascaux, or in IKEA instructions.

You can see it in a 5-year-old’s colorful mess, a designer’s perfect layout, or an entrepreneur’s napkin sketch of a new product or service.

And you’re seeing it more and more these days because visual thinking leads to discovery, understanding, and success.

We’re Tremendousness.

Let’s get visual.

Script, storyboard, art, editing, and animation by Tremendousness.

Thank you to Bill Streeter and Hydraulic Pictures for the video production.