How to make transformation and change compelling for your organization

So you have a plan for your big organizational transformation, but do you have the story?

Harvard’s John P. Kotter cites lack of a vision and poor communication of the vision as critical blunders in most transformation initiatives. Even when the vision is brilliant, it’s usually under-communicated by a factor of 10. So it’s no surprise that, according to Bain & Company, only 12% of organizational transformations fully accomplish their goals.

A change plan is mostly about execution. It’s necessary, but not compelling. People don’t always rally around the strategies that matter to leadership, but they do rally around the stories that matter to them.

Still, executives invest enormous resources in change strategies then fail to usefully articulate them. In turn, employees struggle to understand the changes. There’s very little to relate to or align around—it’s just numbers in PowerPoints and promises that “things will be better”.

The story is what your employees will connect with—it gives everyone the big picture, explains the impact, and outlines their involvement at different levels in the organization.

Visual storytelling and interactive experiences are powerful tools for effective and impactful organizational transformation and change. Tremendousness’ deep experience in strategic communications and visual storytelling enables strategy activation and change initiatives to achieve greater impact and adoption levels.

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