Getting through 2020

Dear friends,

Well, heck… it’s been a terrible year. There’s no denying that.

2020 was… ug. And month after month it just kept coming (for, like, 23 months, it seemed). For the Tremendous team, 2020 was “haphazard, topsy-turvy, fast, furious, blurry, extra, salty, a ‘clusterfluff’, very different, introspective, empathy-inducing, an unexpected ‘oof!’, a big ‘yikes!’, and, of course, a dumpster fire that we all wanted to unsubscribe from”.

But if you’re reading this, somehow you got through it—and so did we. So, to close this chapter in our lives we made a short video to show what it felt like, how we got through it, and what our hopes are for a better 2021.

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But we’re not just hoping, we’re helping. This holiday season Tremendousness is donating 10% of our profit from the year to a bunch of important community-based charities and organizations that provide direct help to those in need. By individual choice, these include Safe Connections, No Kid Hungry, STLMetro Trans Umbrella Group, Mary’s Center, DC Central Kitchen, Immigrant Home English STL, the St. Louis Area Diaper Bank, Buddies Thru Bullies, the St. Louis Community Foundation, Gateway Greening, Arch City Defenders, The International Institute, PROMO, the Native American Youth and Family Center, and the Environmental Defense Fund.

We’re grateful to be here, to be working, and to be able to help.

Stay safe, everyone.



All of us at Tremendousness

(Alicia, Andi, Bill, Brian, Chris, Christina, Darrick, Drew, Heidi, Jodi, Lisa, Maddy, Scott G, Scott M, Shreya, Susanne, Ted, and of course Paco the office chihuahua—who has been working from home since March, just like the rest of us!)