Eating Well—Feed Your Gut

For the July/August 2014 issue of Eating Well Magazine, Tremendousness was asked to illustrate a feature story called “The Wild World Within,” which focuses on the research of Jeff Leach and his efforts to understand the connection between intestinal bacteria and our ongoing health.

Being asked to do this story was ironic because last year we created The Sugary Truth video. In that video we suggested eating more fiber as a way to avoid sugar because fibrous foods keep you full longer and in turn will keep you from snacking more. Critics pounced and said that among other things, our bodies don’t need fiber because it doesn’t have any nutritional value. It’s merely filler.

The researchers at Eating Well want you to know that the presence of fiber in our intestinal systems is key to the development of a diverse microbiome that—among other things—will help your body fight cancer, maintain a healthy blood pressure, reduce strokes, and minimize allergies.

Thanks to David Vordtriede for his collaboration on the illustrations. This is a great informational read that should have you thinking differently about the food you eat.

Jerusalem artichokes anyone?