A Zoom with a View (part deux)

Last week we shared 10 cool backgrounds to use in your remote meetings. Whether Webex, Zoom, or some other app, most of them allow you to set a virtual background—even without a green screen.

Well, some of them even support movie files. That’s right. The latest version of Zoom supports looping animated backgrounds using .mov or .mp4 files… to truly ensure maximum distraction value. We’ve included a few of those, along with more beautiful static images, in this second installment of free virtual background downloads from Tremendousness.

Unfortunately (or, perhaps, fortunately?), not all devices support animated backgrounds. You’ve got to have a certain amount of processing power if you want to annoy your coworkers with meetings in motion.

Like I said last time, backgrounds do two things: first they can brighten up a meeting with beautiful or funny art or photos (or they can act as branding or make a statement). Of course, the tone of the meeting is important so be careful not to use a goofy one if the topic calls for seriousness. Second, they can provide a measure of privacy by preventing people from seeing your home or environs.

Download your free backgrounds.

Click the above link to download (it’s a ~78MB zip file). And here are Zoom’s instructions as well as system requirements. Maybe try these out and have a little fun—we all could use it these days.