A poster for Forest Park Forever!

St. Louis’ Forest Park Forever wanted an information-filled graphic to compel supporters to donate or to become a full member. Because of our love for (and proximity to—we’re just a block away) Forest Park, we didn’t want to address this in a typical, boring  “by-the-numbers” infographic approach.

While the park’s numbers are compelling (13 million visitors annually, 1,300 acres, and so on) we wanted to pull the viewer in with the things people really love about the cultural landmark. If you’ve been to St. Louis, chances are you’ve been to Forest Park. Millions of memories are made there every year, by visitors of every age. So we chose to draw upon that perspective and give those “memory-makers” the most visual impact.

What I love about Forest Park is that you could go there for an hour or create a whole day around your visit; there is so much to do and see. We carried that theme into the landscape of the poster by showing some of the park’s iconic cultural institutions. In the foreground, we showed visitors in a few of the many regular activities and scenes. Since much of the effort and operations of Forest Park Forever are “behind the scenes” we captured that at the root of the tree.

The functions of FPF aren’t all that sexy, but they’re absolutely critical—so the poster’s call-to-action asks the viewer to join (and we hope you do!). Ultimately, we worked with Forest Park Forever to create a poster that a fan of the park would want to hang in their home or office—one that feels more like a celebration than a promotion.

The final poster