10 ways live sketching jumpstarts organizational change

If you’re embarking on an ambitious strategic change or initiative, knowing where to start can be challenging. After all, complex ideas are difficult to communicate. 

Enter live sketching — a dynamic visual communication technique that rethinks how teams brainstorm, plan, and execute their ideas. Led by an artist and facilitator, live sketching is designed to streamline discussion and create alignment among participants. 

With everyone joined around a table, whether real or virtual, live sketching provides the opportunity for each person to see their own picture of the task at hand. By filtering the engaging, lively discussion through a single artist, it allows everyone to see the shared organizational vision. This reliable exercise is a true game-changer for any organization hoping to communicate a large change to employees and stakeholders. 

In this insight, we dive into the top reasons why this exercise is an indispensable asset for groups seeking meaningful, lasting transformation — one that breaks down complex ideas into their most salient elements. 

10 ways live sketching will shape any organizational transformation

1. Creates a tangible record

Live sketching captures information during active discussions, providing a visual record of what was discussed. By “seeing” what was covered in the session, it gives participants a sense of accomplishment and a reference point for future use.

2. Enhances focus and clarity

By visually representing ideas, live sketching focuses conversations and brings understanding to what people are saying. Chances are there is some confusion or disagreement over exactly what is being proposed. When pictures begin taking the place of words and concepts, everyone can start to see the same thing, aligning participants’ understanding.

3. Accelerates discussions

We’ve all been in meetings where it feels like everyone is talking in circles and progress is elusive. Live sketching moves discussions along faster, allowing teams to accomplish more in less time. When pictures begin to emerge, the pace of ideas quickens and this helps maintain momentum that keeps the conversation productive and efficient.

4. Improves information retention 

The ability to recall images is stronger than the spoken word or text on a page. In live sketching, the combination of powerful visuals and active discussion helps cement concepts in participants’ minds, aiding in information retention. People will remember what they saw on the drawing board longer once they leave the boardroom.

5. Energizes participants

We can all agree that the majority of meetings are rather routine and some can be downright dull. Live sketching changes the dynamic of workshops, making them more engaging and exciting. The presence of an artist can revive dormant enthusiasm on your team and even encourage participants to be more courteous to one another.

6. Simplifies complex ideas

By creating visual representations, live sketching helps communicate complex ideas more effectively. In a live sketching session dealing with a highly technical or specialized matter, you can break down those tricky subjects into digestible, visual chunks, allowing everyone to get on the same page more quickly.

7. Encourages participation

In some meetings, you often hear from the same people. They are comfortable speaking up, whether by virtue of their title or disposition. But live sketching levels the playing field and invites everyone to speak up. Live sketching energizes participants and makes them feel included. Then, when people see their ideas visually represented, they become more engaged and excited to contribute even more.

8. Provides a common reference point

Think about touring an art gallery with a group of people. A painting on the wall offers the group an opportunity to share their opinions or see it from a different perspective. But the painting itself is a singular source of discussion. In live sketching, the visual output acts as a shared canvas for everyone to react to, sparking new ideas and encouraging collaboration. It builds a sense of ownership and pride among participants as it evolves.

9. Creates a shared language

Whatever transformation you’re considering, it likely requires multiple departments and job functions within your organization. And they all carry with them their own vernacular, acronyms, jargon, shorthand, and goals. Live sketching helps bridge communication gaps between different departments and backgrounds by establishing a visual language that everyone can understand and relate to.

10. Lays the foundation for future work

The sketches created during sessions serve as a first draft or roadmap for moving forward. They provide a starting point for refining ideas and developing more polished visual tools and platforms to communicate concepts to a broader audience. 

Upend boring brainstorming with live sketching

Live sketching is more than just an artistic exercise; it’s a catalyst for organizational change. By harnessing the power of visual thinking, teams can break down communication barriers, spark creativity, and drive innovation. 

The benefits of live sketching extend far beyond the initial session, creating a lasting impact on how ideas are developed, shared, and implemented. As organizations continue to seek new ways to stay agile and competitive, integrating live sketching into their processes can provide the edge you need to turn abstract concepts into concrete realities. 

Whether you’re tackling complex problems, planning strategic initiatives, or simply looking to energize your team, live sketching offers a versatile and engaging approach to organizational growth and transformation.

If you’d like to learn more about how Tremendousness uses live sketching to improve the communication of challenging transformations, we’d love to hear from you