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University of California San Francisco

The average child consumes more than half his body weight in sugar each year—a statistic that was the driving force behind this initiative to change the way the public thinks about sugary drinks.

The Center for Vulnerable Populations at the University of California San Francisco develops effective strategies to prevent and treat chronic diseases in at-risk communities, and set out to create an initiative specifically geared toward the Latino demographic with a focus on how an increased intake of sugar contributes to health risks like obesity, diabetes, and heart attacks. The audience for this was most importantly Hispanic children, mothers, and families who may not be aware of sugar’s negative effects—as well as educators and the media.

Through a visually diverse and involved bilingual animation (whose illustrations and messages were also applied to a one-page handout and other collateral), we helped USCF emphasize the impact that the switch from sugary drinks to water can make by succinctly and accessibly presenting the problem, giving the statistics, listing the risks, then providing the alternative to sodas and juices.

This looks terrific. The animation looks great!