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A global consumer packaged goods leader faced a common problem: How to share vital market research with executives in a meaningful way. Tremendousness brought clarity to the research through data visualization and information design—helping to surface insights and promote sound decisions.

Should they enter a new product category? If so, how broadly? Should they acquire another company or invest internally to develop their own product line? Our client conducted extensive research to understand the category and wound up buried in an overwhelming amount of cumbersome spreadsheets and reports.

Working alongside the company’s head of innovation, we dug into the research report, distilled key numbers and highlighted the most pertinent facts. We displayed them in two well-organized wall-sized maps to facilitate an executive-level discussion with the CMO. The new way of looking at the data bubbled up important insights and everyone on the strategic team could see the competitive landscape at a glance, assess opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Our visual overview was an essential tool that provided valuable insights regarding the future direction of the company.