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The School of Life

Being big fans, we were thrilled to be approached by Alain de Botton to create a video for his wonderful The School of Life project, an organization “devoted to developing emotional intelligence through the help of culture.”

The topic? How to find meaningful work—something very near and dear to our hearts. So near, in fact, that we started our own company to help us achieve that goal.

From the video: “Contrary to some expectations, it isn’t only money we want from work. We also need our work to feel ‘meaningful’. But what exactly is meaningful work, and where can we find more of it?”

The video is purposefully calm and Zen-like—a meditative journey as opposed to our usual faster-paced explanatory videos.

…really great and very creative…

—Alain de Botton

We hope you enjoy it—and we hope you’ve found meaningful work too (and if you haven’t yet, you’ve now got some great tips to start you on your way :-)