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brightspot is a consultancy that partners with leading universities, cultural institutions, non-profits, and companies to create strategies for spaces, services, organizations, and experiences.

But what’s the best way to effectively guide an organization toward its future?

Draw them a map.

We worked with brightspot to bring key trends and changes in the museum industry to life in order to educate museum leaders and art fiends, as well as to engage current and prospective clients.

From the infographic: “Museums offer people a sense of history, a source of inspiration, and a place for learning and respite. Museums afford us a glimpse of the past that can help us chart a course forward. But people have competing priorities and increasing options for how to spend their time. How can museums continue to attract new visitors and create meaningful experiences for them? Make diverse audiences feel welcome and represented? Become a faster, more effective organization that can meet the changing expectations of our visitors and communities? In our work with cultural institutions across the country, brightspot has identified the kinds of strategies that are helping museums make the transition from preserving yesterday to leading the conversations of tomorrow.”

The result? Something quirky and fun—but 100% effective at highlighting the agency’s expertise as strategy planners in the cultural sector.