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Big Wide Sky

Big Wide Sky is a full-service marketing agency that has a client relationship with U.S. Agriculture producers (US AG), a cooperative group that promotes best practices in farming sustainability.

We worked with BWS’s team to develop an infographic that tells the story of US AG and its 100-year history of sustainability. US AG wants the world to know “how they grow” as good faith participants in the global sustainability effort; as an interdependent family and community of producers; and, most importantly, how they will continue to grow, harvest, and produce to meet the world’s need for sustainably-produced goods.

Initially we explored an interactive timeline, as well as a printed poster. Ultimately, we formatted the content into a modular approach where each decade is highlighted and key milestones called out. These modules were formatted so each decade can stand alone (for social sharing, for example), or that all the decades a a group could be aligned vertically, horizontally or in a grid depending on need (events, for example).

The illustrated decades were styled as if they were silkscreened, in order to evoke warmth and humanity—an “of the hand” feel appropriate to the subject matter.