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According to Bain & Company, only 12% of organizational transformations accomplish the intended goals, and 70% of change programs simply fail. Harvard’s John P. Kotter cites the lack of a vision and/or under-communication of the vision as two critical mistakes that derail ambitious change initiatives. And even when the plan is brilliant, it’s usually under-explained by a factor of 10. So why do businesses put millions into complex transformation plans, but almost nothing into engaging change stories?

This guide will help you…

  1. Understand why organizational change usually fails
  2. Learn how to tell an effective change story
  3. Experience the power of visual storytelling
  4. See examples of visual change stories

About Tremendousness

We drive understanding and inspire change using the power of visual storytelling.

Tremendousness makes complex ideas understandable and engaging. We collaborate with Fortune 500s, start-ups, and nonprofits to craft visual stories that inspire powerful actions and outcomes. These stories humanize transformation and change, accelerate innovation, and power sales, marketing, and thought leadership. This short video explains how we help make transformation and change compelling for your organization.

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“Tremendousness has been a partner on several FPF projects. They’re great to work with if you want to capture and display complex issues.”

—Jules Polonetsky, CEO, Future Of Privacy Forum

“Our team is great at working through difficult challenges in a complex industry. However, we were struggling with creating a single, clear message that was easily understood by our team and our partners. Tremendousness provided a facilitated process to create the aligned vision, as well as the visual output that captured the message in a creative way, piquing greater interest in the dialogue.​”

—Executive Director at a Fortune 500 biopharma company

“Our infographics are our most popular and widely-circulated resources. We know that every project with Tremendousness will be an easy process, complete with lots of creative collaboration and a successful end result!”

—Blair Mann, Director of Communications, Data Quality Campaign

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