The Tremendous 10 link roundup, #258

  1. Creative types say it’s better to be nice than brilliant. Here’s why. | “The reign of the creative genius may finally be coming to an end. A new report published by WeTransfer, the Dutch B Corps best known for its delightfully simple file-sharing service, suggests that when it comes to choosing partners, creative professionals value “open, honest communication, and respect” far more than the likelihood they’ll produce award-winning work. It wasn’t always that way.”
  2. Eames Office Celebrates 80 Years of Iconic Design | “Eames Office is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its founding by legendary designers Charles & Ray Eames with an exhibition at the Istetan the Space gallery in Japan.”
  3. Shadow Palette Generator | “Create a set of lush, realistic CSS shadows.”
  4. The Worst of Both Worlds: Zooming From the Office | “Work life for many is in a mushy middle ground, and what’s at stake isn’t just who is getting talked over in meetings. It’s whether flexibility is sustainable, even with all the benefits it confers.”
  5. Hey Studio turns the simple circle into an international design language | “When it comes to designing guide books for international regions, it’s all too easy to rely on familiar imagery such as buildings and landscapes. Barcelona-based agency Hey Studio dodged this trap in its latest collaboration with global affairs studio Thalby by turning the humble circle into a versatile, yet uniform, piece of branding.”
  6. Henry Miller’s work schedule | “1. Work on one thing at a time until finished.”
  7. Vaccine Makers Project | Lots of very clearly explained and visualized videos on this YouTube channel!
  8. Intermissions | “A zine about the fun of watching half a movie now, half a movie later…”
  9. Cleverly Collaged Portraits Layer Vintage Ads and Magazine Spreads into Dramatic Daydreams | “With a flair for spectacle and clandestine activities, the perfectly coiffed characters of Shane Wheatcroft’s collages face a deluge of intrigue and drama.”
  10. To Be a Design-Led Company | “In 2016, Automattic CEO, Matt Mullenweg announced that the company was to be design-led for the first time. Automattic’s new era would be recognized by designers leading the way in product and marketing improvements — heading up more projects, conducting user research, and creating more mockups than ever before.”

Image: Book covers by Hey Studio, link #5.