Project Quarantine: The ‘New Normal’ Survival Guide

by | September 8, 2020, 12:19pm

Designs, distractions, and delicacies to get you through 2020 and beyond.

Note: sorry, but this section is under re-construction after our June 2021 site redesign.

And as all of Tremendousness continues to work from home and worries for the world during this pandemic, we’re collecting our learnings, teachings, thoughts, and creations in one spot: Project Quarantine. This is a mix of blog posts, special projects, and personal ideas around dealing with working from home, remote collaboration, and simply living through this.

We’ve got everything from fun activities to virtual collaboration to insights on staying well during stressful times. We hope these creations help you out—whether you’re at home, at work, working from home, or out-of-work. Specifically, the sections are:

Arts & Crafts

Creative projects, exercises, and various ways to engage your hands and mind—whether or not you’re an artist!

Food Truck

Some recipe ideas for you—since most of us are eating at home more than we used to (ug, every single day).


Here are some safe ways to get out and enjoy yourself, along with great ways to play and exercise at home.

Reflection Pool

Look inward, reflect, and grow by learning about gratitude, racism, empathy, and more.

Home Office

Everybody’s working from home now. We’ve got tips & tricks to help you get good at it.

Lost & Found

You guessed it—these are the things that didn’t really fit into the other categories.

If you have an idea for something useful (or simply joyful) that we should create, let us know! Regardless, we’ll just keep adding to it as we share new ideas.

Be safe, smart, and kind out there.

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