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Eating Well—Feed Your Gut

For the July/August 2014 issue of Eating Well Magazine, Tremendousness was asked to illustrate a feature story called “The Wild World Within,” which focuses on the research of Jeff Leach and his effor

Working Mothers meet Rube Goldberg

For the June/July issue of Working Mother magazine, Tremendousness was asked to design and illustrate a two-page feature which would show the multistep process by which companies recruit, hire, retain

Finding Lochfoot

In August of 2010 I was hanging out with my youngest son Zach when he showed me a Google image of Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster. He’s always loved cryptids—popular creatures whose existence has

We wish you a Merry Keefmas

Merry Keefmas!

In the spirit of debauched inclusivity, this holiday season Tremendousness have decided to celebrate something everyone can believe in—something all of us can look at with a wide-eyed

The Tremendous 10, #4

Parent-child collaboration, what screens want, book cover design, a “new” music instrument, infographics history lesson, work for free?, creativity, a whiteboard alternative, ImageQuilts, and infodesi

The Tremendous 10, #3

Stupid designers, Steve Jobs, east vs. west, “dead drops,” whimsy, motion graphics, “plastic classics,” storytelling, 100 beloved brands, and independence.

The Tremendous 10, #2

Just ten awesome links from this week, that’s all. We’re going to make this a weekly more regular thing.


St. Louis DesignWeek wrapped a great run of events with AIGA St Louis’ annual charity art auction Discovered. I’m very proud to say that three of us at Tremendousness contributed pieces to the cause.

Creativity is a muscle

I’m more often than not labeled as a “creative” (yes, the noun version). Being an illustrator and designer and storyboard writer (to name a few roles I) I’m expected to bring a consistent level of cre