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Welcome to /ness, the visual storytelling blog. Here’s where we share knowledge about visualization, information design, and virtual collaboration, show client work, talk about our business, post semi-weekly link roundups, celebrate obscure holidays, and share anything else that comes to mind. Edited by Bill Keaggy in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, ISSN 2771-7259.

The best ways to deal with conflict during virtual collaboration

Building consensus can be difficult. Of course, it’s rare for groups to always be in complete agreement and this isn’t unique to virtual collaboration. People have different perspectives, passions, and goals. It’s hard enough getting a group to agree on where to order lunch, let alone on how to deal with enormous issues such as growth, innovation, and transformation.

What is pickleball?

Yeah, pickleball has a funny name and it might seem goofy, but with nearly five million players today it’s considered the fastest-growing sport in the U.S. Here’s a short, introductory video about how the sport originated, what you need to get started, and the basics of how the game is played. Enjoy!

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