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Workforce Data Quality Campaign (WDQC) advocates for the use of inclusive, aligned, and market relevant data to ensure the nation’s human capital policies can meet the challenges of a changing economy.

WDQC was challenged with how to quickly describe—to its members, to policymakers, and to workforce practitioners—how the performance data generated through federally funded workforce programs travels through local, state, and federal levels.

Some context on this data: in 2014, the U.S. Congress passed the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). This revitalized the system for workforce development programs, ensuring access for all individuals to pursue the skills, training, and education they need to obtain employment. The act includes four titles, each which authorizes different development programs. Broadly speaking, these titles cover programs which supports jobseekers, unemployed workers, recruiting employers, adults lacking basic skills, and individuals with disabilities. Central to the WIOA legislation is a revised performance system that makes all programs responsible for the same core performance metrics, driving greater accountability and improved reporting across the system.

Using a simple flow diagram and color-coding, we were able to map the movement of data—where it is collected, compiled, reviewed and aggregated—across the four titles.

We have gotten incredible feedback on this infographic… one state workforce agency even requested the source file so they can adjust it to reflect their particular system and distribute it to workforce professionals throughout the state.
–Rachel Zinn, Director, WDQC

This infographic is publicly available as a resource for policymakers and workforce practitioners, and is actively used as an education tool by WDQC and their partner organizations to demonstrate the visibility and powerful impact of WIOA performance data.

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