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The Sugary Truth

We designed this explanatory video and information graphic to help people understand the cold, hard facts about what the over-consumption of added sugars does to our health.

  • Did you know that The American Heart Association’s daily recommended sugar allowance is 36 grams for men, 20 grams for women, and 12 grams for kids?
  • Did you know that our daily intake averages 95 grams?

We have a serious problem.

There are about 600,000 different packaged food items in grocery stores today—and 80% of them contain added sugars. But our goal was to make a short film that didn’t just trot out the sugar quantities in our food; we wanted to tell this story on a more personal level so people can see themselves—and their friends and families—in it.

We’re especially grateful for advice and information from Gary Taubes. His expertise helped guide us in making a piece we hope will become a conversation starter for people everywhere.