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Gartner Consulting came to Tremendousness to help them explain how technology will increasingly become a more useful means of expanding options and accelerating learning in primary education—specifically at their client Broward County Public Schools.

Teachers and students at Broward County Public Schools engage in a kaleidoscope of activities and experiences throughout the day, so a huge teacher user study was conducted. The results and insights were condensed from multiple PowerPoints, Word docs, and spreadsheets into one comprehensive visual: The BCPS Experience. This experience shows the many ways teachers, parents, and school administration can learn, orchestrate, and be inspired by a collective vision versus being told when and how to use specific technologies (that was covered in other reports).

Tremendousness helped the Gartner team organize its thoughts then break down, visualize, and present the main ideas in a large poster format—all from the perspective of the front-line teacher, but with students as the main focus.