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The National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO) is comprised of 2,800 local health departments across the United States that greatly influence the health and safety of the general public, from maternal and child health to air quality and food safety. As part of its mission, NACCHO conducts research regarding the funding of these local health departments and examines how things such as budget cuts and changes in the healthcare system impact their services.

The 2015 Forces of Change survey results note increases and decreases in growth and number of patients seen; how patients value services; examples of how local health departments have implemented plans for improvement; and equations for how a loss in budgets result in loss in services.

Challenged with creating a resource for both print and digital and adhering to NACCHO’s brand guidelines, we created infographics that shared a common look and feel, appealing universally to internal staff, policymakers, and the media. The full-sized blog infographic visualizes key insights and can be split into three letter-sized pages for easy printing and reproduction.

The full infographic.