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AARP Services, Inc. (ASI) faced a challenge common to many large, evolving organizations: Employees struggled to understand how the greater system functioned—and how they fit into it. We convened ASI senior leaders to gain clarity and transformed our findings into an illustrative overview map and presentation.

ASI manages those providers whose products and services add value to the lives of AARP’s 38 million+ members. Procuring and managing so many providers requires the careful coordination of multiple departments. Before ASI leaders could improve provider management, they first had to build awareness of roles and processes within their organization.

We pursued clarity from the top, facilitating a highly participatory discovery session with key stakeholders. They and we learned valuable insights about ASI’s principles and operations. We then developed a visual framework around a hub-and-spoke model to articulate the interplay of departments—sparking greater self-awareness and a renewed appreciation for teamwork.

Our visuals so effectively told the ASI story that stakeholders used them to help win new providers and recruit and train new employees. As is often the case, senior executives reported finding as much value in our collaborative discovery process as they did in the deliverables.