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Childress Institute

Through partnerships, research, education and advocacy, the Childress Institute for Pediatric Trauma discovers and shares the best ways to prevent and treat severe injuries to children.

In May of 2015, Childress Institute convened a two-day summit attended by 50 national leaders in pediatric trauma to ideate on three projects that they had previously identified as having the greatest potential for helping severely injured children.

The participants split up into three working groups to develop solid concepts by the end of day one. On day two, each group presented these concepts—some of which would become fully funded projects. An artist from Tremendousness was assigned to each group to co-facilitate the session. Using visual thinking methods such as empathy mapping and storyboarding, we helped bring ideas to life. By asking the right questions, making the teams dig deeper, and clarifying their visions for the future of pediatric trauma care, we led participants to better outcomes that far exceeded their expectations.

The visualizations of these concepts are being used to support grant-writing efforts and further refine innovative solutions in the field.