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Candescent Health

Candescent Health builds solutions for health systems by combining the best of technology with the best of what people are capable of.

They recently developed an optimized process that would ensure patients received the highest level of care by connecting all aspects of the radiology workflow, from hospitals to referring physicians to technologists. Candescent was looking to create sales tools that would help clarify their vision to healthcare executives, radiologists, and other stakeholders.

They needed an animation, a PowerPoint, and a single-page visualization—each comprehensive enough to stand on their own, but that would also work together as a system. We worked with leaders at Candescent to highlight areas of interconnectivity to prove to the audience that the company’s approach would help advance patient priority across all platforms.

Looks amazing!

Our three deliverables broke down the most complex of processes and structures of hospital workflows and clearly showed how Candescent’s improvement plan can successfully implemented across various platforms.