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American Advertising Federation

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) honors the industry’s best and brightest each year at the ADMERICA conference. We were honored AAF chose us to create the identity for 2015—but the pressure was on. We needed a concept that would bind celebration, community, creativity, and diversity like never before.

After a team-wide ideation session, we found our winner with advertising’s version of the Internet of Things—showing an intricate, energizing network surging forward.

The image ultimately traces the advertising process, which starts with research, moves into copywriting and brainstorming and continues through creative development, audience testing, and multi-channel delivery. The process winds its way around the U.S. and ends in celebration at the event in Las Vegas, incorporating products as part of the famed city skyline.American Advertising Federation

We created an ecosystem of players, process, technology, and products that shows both the big picture and finer details. Audiences can find something new every time. Plus, AAF can easily segment the rich visual framework to tell different stories focusing on education, inspiration, and innovation.

My bosses and co-workers have taken a look and THEY LOVE IT! I love it too, it’s exactly what we where looking for; lots of movement, bright colors, sense of fun and celebration—and of course, advertising. Again, fantastic work!

Adrianne Lipscomb
Art Director
American Advertising Federation

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