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For years, The National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) profiled the activities of its massive Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) using typical annual reports comprising text and one-color charts. In 2014, we helped them raise the bar with a visually engaging account demonstrating the true strength and importance of their network.

Our core challenge involved distilling reams of data into a visual framework for telling a clear, compelling story. Our approach revealed insights about MRC operations—which includes nearly 1,000 units and over 200,000 volunteers nationwide.

Where previous reports used simple decorative graphic elements, we imbued every visual and chart with distinction and meaning. Within a cohesive structure, we gave each spread its own energy and identity. A color and shape coding system enabled readers to easily connect charts to their text references.

We shaped the most vital material into vibrant infographics showing many different perspectives of the MRC—from a bird’s-eye view timeline down to a ground-level view of individual volunteer work. We then refactored these infographics into standalone tools for NACCHO to use across blogs, social media, and other print and digital channels.

NACCHO has used the finished products to help justify funding, shape strategy, drive policy, and improve results across the MRC.