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How do you entice designers to submit work for competition while commemorating 20 years of design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force? Creating a brand identity that hit on all of the facets of the event was a complex challenge, so The AIGA STL 20 committee turned to Tremendousness.

We chose an icosahedron—a 20-sided object—as a foundational element of the brand identity. We opted to make the invitation an interactive 20-sided die out of triangles to engage recipients and bridge the successes of the past with the challenges of the present and the promise of the future.

Recipients can cut and fold the invitation, choosing which sides would face outward. One side featured previous AIGA show invite designs. The other included inspirational design quotes related to the show.

Our mailed invitation, Web site, and overall brand identity delivered elements of playfulness and a strong sense of community. The concept is also a reminder that designers are builders, and that our industry is full of storied accomplishments worth celebrating.

In the end, a record breaking number of submissions were entered.