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Woman=Human. And not just on International Women’s Day.

Today, March 8, marks International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate achievements women have made in culture, society, politics, and economics. A day to celebrate their genius, beauty, and wit. This day is also a call for action to lessen the disparity in gender equality—individuals and organizations all over the world are doing their part to rally for equal rights. Here at Tremendousness, we want to mark this special day by celebrating some of our favorite women as queens in the fields they excelled at, because after all, a queen is always a woman and women are always queens.

A new video and infographic: What is gaslighting?

Have a look and you’ll learn much more, but here are a few bits of information to give you some context: 1.) “Gaslighting” is an abusive psychological manipulation tactic. 2.) The term comes from a 1938 play called “Gas Light” in which a man deceives his wife to cover his crimes. 3.) The term has seen a spike in searches and mentions over the last year—especially in the lead-up to the U.S. presidential election and in the aftermath—so we decided to help explain it.

Being Tremendous

It’s easy to be dismissive—even cynical—when a company talks about its “mission statement,” its “beliefs,” or its “core values.” Because no matter what the U.S. Supreme Court says, corporations are not people. They are, however, made of people.

So when we set out to capture our core values, we decided to focus on our people rather than our company.

Finding gratitude

The idea of practicing gratitude can be a fluffy topic, but it’s finally leaving the yoga mat and coming mainstream. Here at Tremendousness we thought it was important to help add to that momentum. Part of what’s stoking gratitude’s recent popularity is the amount of research that’s going into it—and the positive proof that’s coming out. Here’s the main takeaway for you: gratitude improves your health.

From start to finish—Part 5: The flightcheck

It takes a lot of sweat, a lot of time, often a lot of money, and possibly some blood and tears, but most every project eventually reaches that home stretch where you’re just about ready to deliver the final to the customer / printer / manufacturer / whatever. But are you really ready? Below is a checklist to go over after you hit “Save” for the last time—but before you hit “Send.”

Who we are & what we do

Hugmonster Sound interviewed co-founder W. Scott Matthews as part of this year’s AIGA Design week activities. Here’s a super-quick overview of what Tremendousness does and why we do it.

Survivors of domestic violence speak out: #WhyIStayed #WhyILeft

It was one year ago today that TMZ published the now infamous “Ray Rice elevator video” in which when the world witnessed the tragic images of professional football player Ray Rice abusing his then-fiancée in an elevator at an Atlantic City hotel. Though horrific to watch, there was one unintended positive consequence: it got people talking about domestic violence, especially on Twitter. Yet in addition to voicing outrage at the incident, many Twitter users had the same question about Rice’s fiancee: “Why didn’t she just leave?”

From start to finish—designing a poster to celebrate The Gateway Arch’s 50th birthday

When you visit St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, which turns 50 this year, and you walk up to its broad metal base you can’t help but be struck by just how huge it is and by how incredibly solid it looks. It’s as if it were always there, and some days it seems like you could stare at it for just as long.

But then you get to go inside it. To see what’s under the skin and behind the scenes. And that’s just what we’re going to do here over the next several weeks—go inside the making of an informational poster and give a peek into our process.

Yes! Tremendousness wins three awards in the AIGA STL 20 Show

Yes, it’s true that Tremendousness designed the identity for this year’s milestone AIGA Saint Louis Design Show. And yes, there was in fact a record breaking number of entries submitted. So… yes, we are especially happy and proud that the judges selected several of our projects to be part of the select few featured in the show.