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From start to finish—designing a poster to celebrate The Gateway Arch’s 50th birthday

When you visit St. Louis’s Gateway Arch, which turns 50 this year, and you walk up to its broad metal base you can’t help but be struck by just how huge it is and by how incredibly solid it looks. It’s as if it were always there, and some days it seems like you could stare at it for just as long.

But then you get to go inside it. To see what’s under the skin and behind the scenes. And that’s just what we’re going to do here over the next several weeks—go inside the making of an informational poster and give a peek into our process.

The Elements of a Powerful Presentation


Describing your big vision or telling your company’s story might seem simple—but don’t be fooled, grabbing and holding people’s attention requires a solid balance of research, storytelling, and design. Slack on any of these and you might be wasting a valuable opportunity. Combine all three into a cohesive story and you’ve got yourself one powerful, persuasive presentation.

Famous Fictional exhibit, 2014

Famous FictionalSt. Louis friends of Tremendousness,

Tonight is the opening of the 8th annual Famous Fictional exhibit at Mad Art, organized by Dan Zettwoch (with great help this year from Ron Weaver). Three of us have pieces in the show and we’d love to see you there!

The theme this year was “From the Womb to the Tomb.” Basically, come up with a way to represent a fictional character as both young and old. Here’s a teaser.

Finding Lochfoot


Find out about the backstory for W. Scott Matthews’ new iPad book Lochfoot, the story of two young kids who develop an unlikely friendship with a lonely mythological creature.

This animated story was developed exclusively for tablets. Lochfoot is a multimedia reading experience with 26 pages of rich illustrations, music, sound effects, voices and narration. It’s geared toward readers ages 4-8 who will enjoy the simple story of discovery, friendship and adventure.

We wish you a Merry Keefmas

Merry Keefmas!

In the spirit of debauched inclusivity, this holiday season Tremendousness have decided to celebrate something everyone can believe in—something all of us can look at with a wide-eyed sense of wonder and awe—Keith Richards’ 70th birthday.

Ten UFOs

So let’s raise a toast to the long career of a tremendous artist—and to what we hope will be a tremendous new year for you and yours. Now sit back and check out “The 12 Days of Keefmas”, our 2013 holiday video.


St. Louis DesignWeek wrapped a great run of events with AIGA St Louis’ annual charity art auction Discovered. I’m very proud to say that three of us at Tremendousness contributed pieces to the cause.

Creativity is a muscle


I’m more often than not labeled as a “creative” (yes, the noun version). Being an illustrator and designer and storyboard writer (to name a few roles I) I’m expected to bring a consistent level of creativity to my work. Early in my career that expectation stirred fear in my belly. What if I lost this magical gift of creativity? What if my well dried up with my youth? I found myself staring down the barrel of a middle management career path mostly void of what I found to be my truest enjoyment.

So I swam in my fountain of youth and a decade and a half later find myself marveling that I feel more creative than ever. While youth and inexperience definitely brought a certain raw enthusiasm, at this point I’ve honed my creative muscle into an efficient processing system. And I did so without much conscious effort. Read more…